Let’s put our institutions back into public hands

The idea of privatisation is to increase competition, and consequently create services which offer better value for money to the consumer, as they are having to constantly compete. It should also increase efficiency, and the amount of choice available to consumers. That’s the idea anyway. In practice, there are numerous shortcomings which sacrifice consumer interest for profits of those who are at the top.

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Is it time to get rid of the royal family?

Queen’s Speech

Imagine, at a time when you are struggling to pay for the basic necessities of life such as food and water, a multi-millionaire telling you that austerity is necessary. It wouldn’t seem very fair would it? Now imagine that this person sitting on their golden throne, wearing a crown adorned with jewels, is only in the position that they are because of their parents. This would seem even more unfair. Unfortunately this is the reality for the people of Britain, who’s taxes fund their activities – from helicopter repairs to royal train journeys. So, does the Royal Family actually benefit us? And if they don’t, is it time to become a republic?

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Are they all the same?

A common argument against not wearing a school uniform is that children will get bullied for not wearing ‘cool’ brands, and this is unfair on those who cannot afford them. While this maybe a factor, why should we accept this degrading behaviour as normal? By enforcing a uniform upon school children, the idea that the bullying is the fault of those who are different is reinforced, as is the idea that the only way to solve the problem is by making everyone look the same. We need to encourage the mixing of groups in our children, instead of eradicating diversity completely.

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Who does our education system truly benefit?

At the moment, millions of students across the country are revising for exams which have huge implications on their future. Frantically cramming facts, quotes and theories to then repeat them on the exam paper has become normal, but what purpose does this serve? Most students are aware that these exams are simply a memory test of answers set out by exam boards, with the best grades going to those who can reproduce them most accurately in an intense and stressful environment. Even teachers know this – little to no time is spent on teaching useful skills such as critical thinking, or the wider context of the content studied, as this would interfere with the tight, exam based schedule. So why has nothing changed?

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